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Dimecu, also known as top speed ECU (Chinese), has a 10-year history of ECU upgrade. It has won numerous awards in international upgrade power competitions and has been in the leading position in the world in ECU upgrade.
With a complete series of ECU refitting products, it is suitable for ECU upgrade of automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motorboats, etc. For the whole car, a car must find a balance point in energy consumption, reliability, comfort, cost and other aspects, so it will not bring the potential of the engine into full play, which also leaves room for many power-seeking consumers in future refitting. Brush ECU, this technology is mostly used to improve F1 and rally racing cars, according to different tracks to improve engine power output, in order to improve racing performance. In fact, this is a new thing for many drivers of family cars.
Question 1????? What are the benefits of brushing ECU (ECU upgrade)?
Overall, power is increased by 8% - 36%, fuel consumption is reduced by 5% - 25%, and exhaust emissions are reduced. A. Natural intake vehicle can increase horsepower by about 10%; B. TURBO vehicle can increase horsepower by 20%-35%, or even more; C. Shifting is smoother and power connection is better; D. can solve many problems that the original factory can not solve, such as: too low idle speed, easy to extinguish, gearbox shift vibration.
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Question 2????? Why is the original car not designed like this?
Electrical Control Unit (ECU) is an electronic control unit. Its manufacturers are all international multinational enterprises, such as DIMSPORT BOSCH, SIEMENS, MM... The products are sold all over the world. Because of the difference of gasoline quality, temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity and engine form in each country, ECU program software should be set up in accordance with the conditions of each country to use, in order not to be unacceptable to water and soil, coupled with the need for solid, durable, economic, environmental and other conditions, so the range set by the original car computer is relatively conservative, leaving a large space for power improvement.
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Question 3????? Does the upgrade affect the service life and safety of the car?
After upgrading, it will not affect the service life and safety of automobiles. The reason is simple. Brushing ECU only optimizes the parameters of automotive engine and ECU, but not lets the engine work in the limit state. The optimization is based on ensuring the service life and safety. Simply speaking, brushing ECU is to optimize the engine, work more balanced, and the theoretical life of the engine will be extended! Therefore, it will not affect the safety and service life of automobiles.
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Question 4????? Does performance enhancement damage the engine?
The purpose of rewriting the ECU program is to optimize the engine running state and improve fuel combustion efficiency, so the engine will not be harmed, and even the new car can be modified during running-in period.
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Question 5????? Will ECU upgrade consume fuel?
ECU upgrade is not to increase horsepower by multi-fuel injection, but to re-match and adjust the curve of fuel supply and ignition. The computer can achieve the purpose of increasing horsepower output by optimizing the air and fuel matching according to the external sensor signal and controlling the valve lift and timing of the engine. Most of the upgraded customers responded that the car became more runnable and more fuel-efficient than before, and it felt very good!
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